Our Story
It is our love for People, Planet, and Product
that motivated us to create clothes that is trendy,
affordable and in sync with nature.
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Green Initiatives
Respect for planet and people living on it.
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Our Materials
We understand that being “sustainable” has as
much to do with the environment as it does
with the actions of human beings.
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We take pride in introducing our partners
who have helped us in making our dream come true.
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Natural Dye Block Print By Hand

Discover beautifully crafted clothing that you can cherish and wear forever.

Sustainability and ethics in fashion can no longer be an afterthought – they’re essential needs that must be met now. Which is why we’ve created garments that are not only carbon neutral and 100% biodegradable, but are made by people who are treated fairly with the respect they deserve.

And since all this would mean nothing if the clothes weren’t accessible to most women, we’re offering them at an affordable price.

While our supply chain has been engineered for minimum environmental impact, we’ve also partnered with Green Story to make sure our garments are 100% carbon neutral from seed to end customer!

This means that every time you shop our pieces, you’re actively supporting grassroots causes working towards protecting our Mother Earth. Because it’s about more than just carbon – entire communities, other living creatures, and our very planet is at stake.

Here are the projects we’re currently aiding:

Avoided Deforestation Peru

Telangana Solar Power

Poultry Powered Renewable